6 Business Majors to Consider

Business is the most popular college degree and here are six of the best majors you may want to consider.

About Choosing a Business Major

Here’s some more free stuff that I submit to you. As an undergraduate, choosing a major in a particular area of business can be a difficult choice to make. Business schools offer many majors and they vary so much, especially given each can lead to significantly different career paths.

By the time you reach postgraduate level, you should already be on your way career-wise and will probably be looking to rise up the management ranks. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the main study option. Good MBA programs teach leadership and management but also allow you to major in fields such as the following.

1. Accounting 

Accounting majors may eventually oversee the financial activities of an individual or a business. A great advantage of the major is that accounting services are always needed across all industries.

Typically, accountants are employed in business accounting, finance or tax auditing. Accountants learn about money and often interpret their knowledge to offer their clients or business partners valuable, actionable information and advice. 

Course units required for accounting major include accounting, financial analysis, business law and economics. To work as a certified public accountant (CPA), you must pass a specialized test. Demand for skilled CPAs is rising.

2. Marketing 

A marketing major opens diverse career possibilities. Popular positions in this degree include marketing manager, marketing specialist, and marketing coordinator. Marketing professionals work in many organizations across different industries.

Marketing often differentiates between a company’s failure and success. Majoring in marketing will help you in product promotion, consumer research, brand awareness, customer retention, and other areas that help an organization grow and remain competitive. 

The right marketing plan helps business owners make enough profits from their products. It also helps consumers find the product they want at the best price.

3. Finance

Finance majors interpret financial data. A wealth of possible positions are available through the finance major, such as financial accounting, money market analysis and capital investment decision-making. Those in finance must have strong math skills for such tasks as planning investments or creating budgets.

Course units required to major in this business include business law, corporate finance, project management and sustainable investment. You can work in this field as an accredited investment or financial adviser but you will need to possess some professional experience and pass special tests.

4. Human Resources Management

Human resources managers fulfill a core role in any large organization. This is a business major for people who are willing to commit their energy and time to an organization’s success. HR takes charge of workforce motivation, employee selection, labor relations, and organizational behavior. 

If you want to major in human resources, you will probably need to take course units in organizational ethics, operations management, international business, financial accounting, human resource development, business law, employee and labor relations, and compensation management.

This business major may be right for you if you identify as a team player who enjoys working with other people genuinely. Verbal and written communication skills, and interpersonal skills are all musts.

5. International Business 

An international business degree will teach you about global operations, cultural behaviors and expanding markets. To qualify for the major, you could take course units like international markets, business ethics and global commerce. A degree qualifies you for positions like business development specialist, logistician and management analyst.

6. Entrepreneurship

Earning a business degree in entrepreneurship major is a smart move if you plan to run your own business. Typical courses you can take include accounting, marketing, business strategy and performance management.

You can also use the skills you acquire to work with an organization too. The sky is the limit if you’re able to get a successful venture off the ground. MBA programs, including online and executive MBA degrees, routinely teach entrepreneurship. The growth mindset is considered valuable irrespective of whether you are working in the startup space.

These are just six options when it comes to popular business majors. Considering your interests, abilities and career objectives will help you choose the ideal business major for you.