Top Basketball Sites For NBA Fans

The popularity of the NBA is at an all-time high. Fans from around the world can’t get enough of, not only the NBA season, but the draft, free agency and trades during the summer months as well.

To keep up with everything, it helps to have a few dependable and entertaining basketball websites. Here is a look at the top basketball sites for NBA fans to stay informed for 12 months a year.

It might seem cliché to start out with the company that calls themselves the Worldwide Leader in Sports, but ESPN is very locked into NBA coverage. Not only do they have a very expensive rights deal with the NBA, but they are heavily invested in developing their website to provide the optimal amount of coverage.

There is content to consume for just about any type of NBA fan. Those who strictly want the recaps of every game can get all the information they need the next morning. The latest rumors and debates can be checked out as well. They have even started to really invest in analytical breakdowns for those who really want to get into the numbers.

Think of ESPN as the best starting point for NBA knowledge. It might not specialize in anything too much, but just about everyone finds their way back to the website time and time again.

The NBA Draft takes place once a year in June, but there is always news surrounding the event. Draft projections are done years in advance, and teams who are not doing well tend to look at their draft lottery odds towards the end of the year.

The draft is the best way for a bad team to acquire a true game changer. To keep up with all the information regarding the draft, is the best of the best. They have complete breakdowns of every potential first and second round pick. They even look well into the future, usually listing a mock draft for the next two drafts at any given time.

Those wanting to be informed about everything related to the draft should keep this website bookmarked. It’s worth checking out more than just before the draft takes place.

Numbers are a huge part of the NBA. Statistics have been kept for years and years, but recently analytics have really taken over as well. For just about any type of number related to the NBA, Basketball Reference has that and more.

It is the best website to look up information and understand the NBA a bit better. Instead of guessing what LeBron James’ shooting percentage was in 2012, that information is readily available from Basketball Reference. They go above and beyond that stat as well, providing a breakdown on specific type of shots taken from different parts of the court.

Basketball Reference even has college and international-statistics for many players. It should be the first website to check out whenever numbers are needed to back things up.

There are a ton of message boards and other discussion websites out there, but it seems like Reddit has really taken off for NBA fans. This is a place to sound off on certain stories, or get a more informal look at the NBA.

People do need to keep in mind that everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt on Reddit. Since it is a place for open discussion and attempted humor, rumors can pop up here and there. Most are able to take the good with the bad and see it as the best place to have sensible discussions on the NBA.