About Us

At 51 Links Digital Marketing, we focus on creating strong connections through expert SEO, website optimization, and natural link building. Our goal is to boost your site’s authority and ensure it ranks highly in search engine results.

Our History

Launched on August 9, 2013, by Unicurve, we started with a clear mission. Unicurve, an Australian digital publishing company, serves a global audience. We publish independently to benefit our readers and users.

What Sets Us Apart

We have deep insights into what search engines like Google and Bing require for high rankings. Our expertise helps site owners achieve lasting performance and resist algorithm changes. We deliver real value and measurable results through our specialised SEO strategies.

Our Approach

We believe in value for money and getting tangible results. Our core philosophy is delivering exceptional service, ensuring significant improvements in your online presence. We focus on understanding your business needs and implementing strategies that drive success.

Meet Our Director – Richard Scott

Richard Scott

Director of Operations Richard Scott ensures our operations run smoothly.

Richard understands the inner workings of businesses and helps them function efficiently.

He oversees our team of digital marketing professionals. His expertise includes organisational efficiency and client satisfaction. Richard holds an MBA from Northwestern University. He has led non-profit organisations and expanded SEO service start-ups.

Outside of work, Richard enjoys playing the guitar, countryside driving, and spending time with his Papillon, Cassie.

Success Stories

In 2018, we helped an online university course provider enter the Australian market. They now offer courses from six Australian universities. We helped them rank in the top 10 for almost all their courses. Our strategies in website design, course specialisation, and natural link building were key to their success.

Our Clients

We serve a diverse range of clients, from solo entrepreneurs to large companies. We specialise in expanding online presence and improving search engine rankings. Each client benefits from our in-depth knowledge and practical expertise.

Our Vision

We aim to be recognised as a reliable provider of digital marketing services. High customer satisfaction is our priority. We continuously adapt to the changing digital landscape and deliver outstanding results for our clients.